20 reasons why you should travel

Traveling for me, means a lot. Just getting away for a while actually feels really good. I’m someone who can’t stay at the same place for a long time. I think people who know me already knew that. 
It’s a family thing, my dad liked to travel, so did my brother, and now it’s my turn. 

Here are a few of the many reasons why  you should just pack your bags and leave 🙂

1. To inspire & be inspired
2. To meet new wonderful people
3. To stay forever young at heart
4. To challenge yourself constantly
5. To heal old wounds

6. To de-stress
7. To find inner peace
8. To quell your curiosities
9. To master a new language
10. To get cultured

11. To escape routine
12. To broaden your horizons
13. To sample new cuisines
14. To be humbled

15. To see ‘home’ with a new pair of eyes
16. To hone your self-confidence
17. To see the beauty of nature
18. To explore your creative side
19. To put your problems into perspective

 20. But most of all to discover yourself


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