New York fashion week, my outfits for cold winter days

Last week I went to New York, Fashion week started then.
The main reason I went was more sightseeing. The weather was good, but really cold!
We didn’t had any rain or snow.

Now, what should you wear on such cold winter days? You still want to look fashionable of course and not like a potato because of all the clothes you’re wearing.

A big tip is, wear your clothes in layers. Thin layers should do it.
Just put a short-sleeve t-shirt with a long-sleeve t-shirt above it, a pull-over above it, panty’s under your trousers, and after that the clothes you really want to show off! 

Here are two of my outfits


Ted baker hat
Zara scarf
Coat made & designed by myself
Little black dress from Asos
Black panty’s
Michael Kors small shoulder bag
Nike sneakers



Long black coat, Zara
T-shirt, 62 from H&M
Leggings from Talking French
Black high boots

Now I’ve finally arrived in Australia! Hot summer days are coming up!
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