My fave Aussie swimwear brands

Hey Gorgeous Pearls! 

Since summer is starting in Europe, most of you girls are probably looking for the most stunning bikini or one piece you can show off on your holidays! Well here are my favorite australian swimwear brands and the link where you can order them! 

* Mijanou Swimwear
Karen Hurley is the designer of this gorgeous brand, the brand uses gorgeous fabrics and there’s a lot of detail in the pieces, you’ll definitely look stunning in this one! 

Online store



* Contessa Volpi
A stylish and unique brand inspired by Italian fashion, made by Enrica Volpi

Online store



* Triangl
Most of you will probably know this brand. I own 2 bikini’s from Triangl myself and I must say that I adore them and even though it’s not the average fabric they use, the neonprene makes it super comfy!

Fun fact: Triangl was invented and designed by backpackers, they were nearly broke and had to find a way to make money so they started a brand! 

Online store


* Eurvin Swimwear
Eurvin has you covered in just the right places. Knowing when to support and when to give a little cheek, embodying not only the feminine physique, but her seductive mind-set too. A free spirit, Eurvin is endlessly seeking adventure.

Online store


* Ohana Swim
Inspired by the overwhelming love of salty hair, sun kissed skin and crystal waters.
They are all about minimalistic deigns with beautiful cuts to make a statement.

Online store


* Cantik Swimwear
The thing I love the most about Cantik Swimwear is their one pieces! Look at the stunning deep cuts and the fabric! 

Online store



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