Hi beautiful ones! I just got back from L.A. and celebrating 4th of July over there! 
One word? AMAZING. I honestly just fell so in love with the city, got used to it so bad that I even realised I could actually live there. 
But sadly enough Los Angeles is an expensive city. Maybe my plans for in the future? 

I stayed at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. If you are a party animal, this hotel would be perfect for you. They have one of the best poolparties in L.A.! 
If you’re someone who prefers quiet places then this probably isn’t a hotel for you. 

We did some sightseeing over there, shopping, going out, relaxing by the pool, hiking,… 
It was e very short trip, but an amazing one! 

Here’s my photo diary for L.A. 2016 

I’ll be back in Belgium now for a while. Leaving for my roadtrip in Australia on the 10th of October! 


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