My past 3 months in Belgium

After my trip to L.A. I went back home to Belgium for a few months.
So what have I been up to while I was back there? Most of all WORKING!

I worked as much as I could so I could save for my travels back to Australia.

I also moved to a new city, Antwerp. Honestly, I kinda love it there.

Here’s a little photo diary of what I did 🙂

1. I had box braids in my hair, only for a week though! It was too painful and I couldn’t sleep at night. Definitely not used to things like


2. Spend the day on set of the newest music video for State Of Mind, find the link here

3. Working for Coca Cola at the Lokerse Feesten

4. Walked a fashion show for Meryem Hassen at the Man&Sour event

5. Working for Martini Terazza!

6. JUSTIN BIEBER PURPOSE WORLD TOUR (Sort of have a photo with him haha)

7. And of course I hung out with a lot of my friends, but also met a lot of new amazing people.


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