My first 2 weeks back in Australia + some tips on saving money while traveling

Hey beautiful ones! 

I’ve been in Australia for nearly 2 weeks now, you have absolutely no idea how happy I am to be back here, it’s just wonderful! We landed in Cairns on the 12th of October, drove down to Townsville and are now in Airlie beach. I’ll post a little photo diary on the bottom of this post 🙂 

So most of you know that I’ve been traveling quiet a lot the past 2 years. And the question I get the most is how I pay for this? Well actually, sometimes I don’t receive that question, sometimes people just tell me. How rich are you that you can travel that much? 

Well first of all, I’m not rich, and I’m also not poor. I did grew up as an only child so didn’t had to share anything with my siblings. 
But traveling is about making choices. I used to be a shop-a-holic (really bad one) but this didn’t help me to save money for my travels. So that had to stop and it did! 

While some people decide to spend money on clothes, shoes, stuff they don’t even need,… I decide to keep that money on a seperate bank account and save it for my next adventure. 
I graduated in fashion, and I did had the choice to specialise a lot more in it, but that wasn’t my choice. I wanted to see the world as soon as possible. 
So some of you guys decide to finish school first, others decide to go travel first. And that is something that I needed. 

Also a HUGE thing is, if you decide to go on a holiday, for example to Italy, you might stay for about 14 days, but you’ll also probably choose a nice 3, 4 or 5* hotel, and you’ll probably spend a lot of money there too by going out for lunch, dinner, maybe to do some shopping too? 
This is what I do when I’m traveling: 
My flight ticket does cost a lot indeed, for example like now, to Australia I paid about €1200 for a return ticket. 
1. I don’t go shopping! 
2. I cook my own food, so don’t go out for dinner, and if I do, the meals are really cheap! 
3. I stay at hostels, which is about €18 for a night in a shared room. 
4. I go around by car and share fuel with friends who are traveling with me. 

So what I will spend in these 7 weeks, is probably the same amount what some people spend on a 2 week holiday in a nice hotel. 

If you have more questions about traveling! Feel free to ask me, you will receive an answer back! You can contact me HERE
Or through my IG aswell: @aliciastefanie


And here’s my little photo diary from my first 2 weeks in AUS:

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