A small Island called Malta

Malta has been on my list for quite a while now and since I had a couple of days off at work and the flight tickets were so cheap, this was definitely my chance!
I always find cheap flight tickets through Google Flights, only paid €70 for a return ticket!
Then I go check on Airbnb or booking.com whatever’s the cheapest. In some countries Airbnb’s are a lot cheaper then  staying in a hotel.

I found a really cool suite in a beautiful villa for €250 for 2 people, 5 nights.
We decided to stay at the countryside since we were really on holidays to relax.
Of course we visited a couple of cities and the tiny Island near Malta, Gozo.
Which was beautiful.

Here’s a photo diary of our trip


  1. The villa


2. Buggiba


3. Naxxar

4. Splash and Fun waterpark


5. Boattrip to Gozo


Stop at the Blue Lagoon



This is where the Azure Window used to be, but sadly enough it collapsed in March




It was a short but wonderful trip!



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