Curly hair routine

Hey hey everyone!

So here as promised my Curly Hair Routine!

Let me explain a bit more about the process of how I take care of my curls.
I wash my hair every 3 days.
First I wash it with Palmer’s Raw Shea Shampoo and Palmer’s Raw Shea Conditioner.
Then I comb it while leaving the conditioner in to get rid of the knots.
I wash out the conditioner very good and I wrap my hair in a towel.
I do NOT dry it off with the towel, otherwise my hair will get all frizzy again.

Now we get to the video tutorial.
I use Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream and make sure every section of my hair gets it.
Same goes for the Shea Moisture Frizz Defense Styling Gel Cream.
As last I use my hair dryer and Afro Comb to style my hair how I like it 🙂

Click on the products and it gets you straight to where you can buy them.
Hope you enjoyed the video!


Alicia Stefanie

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