Dubai 2018

Hey guys!

I just got back from my trip to Dubai! I was there for only five days, which is not that long but I did get to do plenty of things!
The first two days we had a bit of a bummer with the weather, it was about 20 degrees, but no sun at all. Which meant that we weren’t able to get our tans on.
But we did go exploring the Dubai mall instead, which was wonderful! Our last few days the sun finally came through and it felt like we were on holidays.
I had a short, but amazing trip with my bestie Delphine!

Here’s a quick overview of must see places when you’re in Dubai for a short time.


We were staying at the Movenpick Hotel IBN Batutta Gate
I really enjoyed this hotel, the breakfast was just AWESOME. The staff was super friendly, helped us out with everything!
The location was also perfect, we took a cab for almost everything. What we thought was going to be expensive,
but is actually so much cheaper than in Belgium.

Then we visited the Dubai Miracle Garden.
Entrance only cost us 45AED (which is about 10 euro’s). We decided to go as early as possible.
So we could enjoy the gardens the best, there were no people around and we got some great pictures.


And why would you visit Dubai without trying out any of their beach or pool clubs?
Andreea’s beach club isn’t one of their biggest, but it’s a really relaxed one, and super fun with some nice views.
Their biggest plus? They had a floating flamingo! I’ve secretly been waiting for ages to get a picture with one.


One thing you definitely do is walk around the Marina, it’s a beautiful walk around the water, gorgeous buildings around you.
And a lot of nice restaurants.


Brunch at Burj Al Arab!


And one more beach club, a lot bigger than the first one we went to, Zero Gravity


One thing I regret not doing was checking out the fountain show at the Burj Khalifa.
Let’s do this next time!

Alicia Stefanie

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